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Nanomaterial properties differ from...



日時4月26日(木)15:00 〜 16:30
会場青葉山キャンパス 工学研究科機械・知能系内
概要Andre E. Nel, MD, PhD
(Professor of Medicine, Division of NanoMedicine, Department of Medicine at UCLA)
「Approach to Nanotoxicology in the CNSI Center for Nanotoxicology Research and Testing at UCLA」
Nanomaterial properties differ from those of bulk materials of the same composition. While this allows engineered materials to execute novel physicochemical functions, this could lead to harmful interactions with biological systems. The Center for Nanotoxicology Testing and Research (CNTR), in association with the CNSI, uses a multidisciplinary approach to establish the potential hazard or biocompatibility of nominated nanomaterials. This is achieved by controlled design of the materials so as to relate specific aspects of their physicochemical properties to the generation of biological responses in cell lines that represent potential targets for toxicity. We are currently using an oxidative stress paradigm and the generation of reactive oxygen species as a biological readout system, which is designed to reflect protection or incremental levels of oxidant injury. Through the use of this hierarchical oxidative stress approach, we are attempting to develop a Nano/Bio response matrix that classifies materials into potentially hazardous or potentially safe. The research in this Center is further augmented by a UC Lead Campus Program for Nanotoxicology in which graduates from several schools and departments participate in an intercampus training and research program that is aimed at establishing a Nanosafety program for the State of California.
Tel: 022-795-7005
mail: secretary@nanoBME.org

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